Commercial property directly reflects upon the prestige and productivity of our business. Terminus group’s diverse series of commercial property maintains the architectural design to luxurious amenities, our structures stand out from the rest. The strategic location and association with premium brands also provide businesses with an added advantage. Within our self-contained structures, we optimise for energy efficiency, and sustainability too.

Our commercial projects include SLN Terminus, One West and The West.

Smart living options that are modern yet in tune with nature. That’s what our gated communities are all about. Choose from a range of intelligently designed luxury villas and hi-tech apartments to match your lifestyle. Enjoy the advantages of being strategically located while being amidst open green spaces.

Our residential projects include Hamptons and Krinss.

Our signature mixed-use commercial buildings house the world-renowned hospitality group, Marriott. Enjoy 5-star luxury in the heart of your city’s commercial hub. The super luxury boarding spaces offer a host of services for both individuals and organisations.

Our projects include Marriott — Executive Apartments and the Marriott Hotel.

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