State of the Indian Economy

Why is that the Indian media bashing the state of the economy with the current GDP growth at 5.3% – 6%? How could media say we have an “economic crisis”? Since the 2013-till date, our economy wavered between 8.8% – 6% and at times in some quarters, it touched nearly 9%. This is bound to happen, what goes up has to come down. This is not bad news at all. I still consider we are one of the fastest-growing nations in the world. With the US at 2.8%, Germany at 1.3%, why that 6% growth is called an economic crisis. The most developed nations such as the US, Germany, Japan etc. in the past 50 years ever touch 5% growth. What are we complaining about? This government is spending time cleaning up the system and the results of such cleanup will only be seen in the years to come.